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Vision Data Center knows how important your business data is to your success; it's your competitive advantage. And that's why we design solutions that simplify technology to make data storage more accessible to businesses of all sizes. With one of the broadest set of storage offerings, we can help you protect and store your data with confidence.

By partnering with industry leading manufacturers, we have created a comprehensive and innovative portfolio of storage solutions, all of which are easy to deploy, manage and grow. Whether you use network attached storage (NAS), direct attached storage (DAS), Internet SCSI (iSCSI) or Fiber Channel (FC), Vision Data Center has a solution that can meet your business needs and reduce the cost and complexity of storage.

Business leaders today recognize that information technology (IT) provides capabilities that are essential for defining and executing winning strategies. In a business climate characterized by rapid change and global competition, IT leadership must build an organization and infrastructure that can harness technology to create an Efficient Enterprise -- an agile business that responds to changing needs by investing more in innovation than in sustaining the status quo. Maximizing the efficiency of data storage is crucial for creating an Efficient Enterprise in a data-driven world.

Our Intelligent Data Management (IDM) strategy is being delivered through flexible, fluid solutions to help businesses automate, optimize, scale and protect storage to create an increasingly agile, increasingly efficient eEnterprise. Vision BP storage solutions are architected to meet the unique needs of each customer while giving the power to optimize their storage infrastructure by helping them put the right data in the right place at the right time for the right cost.

Targeting efficiency as a core objective across the storage infrastructure helps organizations enhance business agility, foster innovation and accommodate growth, all while controlling costs. Given the increasing volume, velocity and value of data in the Virtual Era, establishing an effective data management strategy must be a component of that approach. Solutions by Vision Data Center, which integrate capabilities for automation, optimization, scalability and protection across our storage portfolio, help organizations build a next-generation storage infrastructure as a foundation for an agile efficient enterprise.

The Result

Fully-Virtualized Storage Infrastructure delivers data storage and management that is:

  • Significantly More Efficient: More Capacity and Performance with Fewer Spindles
  • Easier to Manage: Provision Volumes in Seconds, Migrate Volumes on the Fly
  • More Flexible
  • Less Expensive
  • The Foundation for Cloud/Converged Infrastructure Solutions

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